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Style Bathrooms has been one of Dublin’s most trusted bathroom installers for many years. We work on a variety of installation projects in Dublin and abroad, so we have a lot of information, skill, and experience to contribute. We tackle chores in a series of logical phases, no matter what aspirations you have for your bathroom.

How Does Our Bathroom Installation Service Work

For many years, Red Box has been one of the best bathroom fitters Londoners have turned to for help. We undertake a wide range of installation jobs in London and beyond so have plenty of knowledge, expertise and experience to share. Whatever plans you have for your bathroom, we approach tasks in a series of clear steps.

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Dublin Bathroom Renovations

The secret to a luxury bathroom remodel in Dublin is to make the most of every available square foot. Because small bathrooms are all too frequent in Dublin, we’ve assembled a team of bathroom remodelling contractors, designers, and planners that are specialists at making the most of little space. When it comes to the most important room in your house, we consider both function and aesthetics. Our mission is to create the bathroom of your dreams in Dublin.


We are adequately qualified to undertake bathroom renovations thanks to our considerable expertise in multi-room renovations around Dublin. We don’t only design and remodel; we also curate, acquire, and check every single item before it’s delivered to the project site since we’re a full-service design-build organisation. We’ll discuss everything from layout to storage if you need ideas for making the most of a small bathroom. From the original design idea until the conclusion of the refurbishment, we manage every part of the project.


The aesthetics and functionality of a bathroom are inextricably linked. Every bathroom needs storage, but it’s especially necessary in Dublin’s cramped quarters. In our designs, we keep storage in mind at all times. Other major changes we consider when renovating bathrooms are how to improve the flow of the space, rearranging fixtures, replacing tubs with walk-in showers, and adding washer/dryer rooms to nearby linen closets or adjacent spaces—a common add-on when renovating bathrooms because both projects involve plumbing.



We can install any type of tile, from natural stone to subway tiles to penny tiles, to complement your concept. If you’re not sure which path to pursue, our design professionals will assist you in determining which choice would make the most of your space. We’ve worked on a number of bathroom remodels, so we’re comfortable working with a variety of styles and finishes.



Style Bathrooms are based in Ireland and we create most luxury bathrooms. Just give us a call.


The vanity is frequently the main point of a bathroom makeover and is crucial to the redesign. A well-placed vanity may help to maximise bathroom space, increase traffic flow, and create a smooth flow. Aesthetics are also important. We’ll assist you in finding the ideal vanity, regardless of your own taste. We can help you achieve a sleek modern design, a nostalgic mid-century modern aesthetic, or everything in between.


Another important aspect of bathroom remodelling is updating the vanity counters. When choosing materials for your new bathroom countertops, we consider both durability and aesthetics. Some of the countertop alternatives for your bathroom include stain-resistant quartz and nonporous solid-surface materials. We’ll assist you in selecting the ideal countertop for your new bathroom.

All forms of bathroom remodels are handled by us

No matter how big or small your bathroom makeover is, you’ll never have to sacrifice aesthetic for utility when you work with Style Bathrooms. We’re professionals in making the most of limited spaces in Dublin to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Bathroom with a Limited Space

The design of a tiny bathroom is crucial. That’s why our designs are open and light, with the purpose of allowing people to walk about freely, regardless of how small the area is. We also want to maximise storage space, so we’ve included a niche in the shower and a medicine cabinet behind the mirror. Another key component is the bathroom door: how will it open? Would a pocket door be a better option? Consider a swinging door. Everything that might alter the flow in your bathroom is taken into account.

Bathrooms of the highest quality

Luxury bathroom renovations take the design to the next level. While the utility of storage choices and the aesthetics of material selection are always important, luxury bathroom renovations take it to the next level. His and hers dual vanities and heated flooring are as gorgeous as they are practical. Walk-in showers, soaking tubs, and other plumbing-related items that elevate the comfort and aesthetics of your high-end bathroom are also available.

Certified, Expert Bathroom Renovations in Dublin

Why Choose Style Bathrooms

Certified, Expert Bathroom Renovations in Dublin

By restoring and remodelling bathrooms with full-service care and thought, we hope to define and create attractive environments. Our design-and-build staff can assist you if you are unsure about your bathroom requirements. They have the ability to transform your words and ideas into tangible, beautiful locations.

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Design, Remodeling, and Renovation of Bathrooms

Do you want to include the most cutting-edge technology into your bathroom renovation in Dublin? Style Bathrooms combines a client’s choices with their needs while remaining true to their unique style. Our bathroom remodelling professionals in Dublin provide custom-tailored solutions to transform your area into a piece of art that you’ll like.

Our one-of-a-kind bathroom renovation method will make the entire procedure more easier and more enjoyable for you and your family. We are committed to building unique bathrooms by infusing them with comfort and style via luxury refurbishment. Our bathroom renovation in Dublin consists of three basic steps:


When it comes to bathroom renovation in Dublin, style is everything. The design of the renovation is crucial to its success. Our highly-experienced and well-trained design consultant will be with you from the initial consultation to the completion of the project.

Our Bathroom Design Process in Four Innovative Steps

  1. Our bathroom design specialists will visit to your home to measure the size of your bathroom when you make an appointment.
  2. Finally, the bathroom remodelling professionals at Style Bathrooms will begin planning the best arrangement for your bathroom. The layout design determines where your cabinets, backsplashes, and water technologies will be installed, as well as the length, breadth, and depth of the space. Our bathroom design professionals will develop and implement the procedure till you are completely happy.
  3. Choosing a Finish: Our Dublin bathroom remodelers will assist you in matching all of your bathroom finishes to your bathroom vanities, tile work, tubs, and water technologies.
  4. Style Bathrooms’ financial specialists will be ready to assist you in establishing a precise budget and design so that we can give you with the bathroom space that you can afford. Though Style Bathrooms is a full-service remodelling and renovation company, we are known for being a cost-conscious supplier and contractor. This implies you’ll have total discretion over how you spend your money.


The respected Dublin-based store of Our Style Bathrooms offers a wide range of bathroom equipment and accessories to pick from. We provide the greatest collection of bathroom supplies available, regardless of your needs—whether you have a classic or modern bathroom. Furthermore, we can create any bathroom design you choose, including anything you see on the internet or in a magazine. Our varied bathroom product selections include the following:

  1. Water Technology: We have all of the most cutting-edge fittings, faucets, and shower systems in stock.
  2. The most significant part of any bathroom’s décor is the floor.
  3. We have ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, leather, and metal floors, accents, and walls, as well as everything else you would need for your bathroom.
  4. Lighting affects the atmosphere and ambiance of every place, whether it’s a living room or a restroom. Style Bathrooms can help you select and install lighting fixtures.
  5. Are you planning a bathroom renovation in Dublin and require plumbing fixtures? If so, Style Bathrooms is the place to go. Style Bathrooms provides a wide range of bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and bidets.
  6. Glass Enclosures: We design and manufacture any size of stunning glass enclosure to match your bathroom’s décor and preferences.
  7. Medicine Cabinets: Do you require medicine cabinets that have been custom-designed? Style Bathrooms assists you in getting covered and specialises in medicine cabinets for all types of lifestyles.
  8. Bathroom Accessories: Style Bathrooms is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of bathroom accessories, such as baskets, fans, towel bars, and tissue holders.
  9. Beautifully designed and high-quality bathroom cabinets, sinks, backsplashes, and countertops are available.
  10. Luxury Items: Do you want to turn your bathroom into a beautiful retreat that will provide you with peace of mind and maximum relaxation? From selecting and installing saunas, spas, whirlpools, and steam showers, Style Bathrooms is a skilled Dublin bathroom refurbishment specialist.

If you require luxury bath products like as home automation, jets, or innovative technological accessories, you can depend on us. All you have to do to transform your bathroom into a soothing, quiet area is come see us in person and let us do the rest.


Our dependable bathroom remodelling contractors in Dublin are properly insured and bonded specialists who have passed thorough background checks. We work hard to ensure that your bathroom remodelling project is completed to the highest of standards.

Our professionals are committed to providing a better level of service, including decision-making, project management, and industry-best craftsmanship, since they understand the obstacles and hassles of bathroom renovation in Dublin. Our full bathroom renovation in Dublin is covered by a 5-year warranty.

When you choose Style Bathrooms to remodel your bathroom, you’ll avoid any danger you could have working with other contractors in the Dublin region. We are dedicated to ensuring that every customer we serve is completely satisfied, and we take pleasure in offering a 100 percent guarantee on our work.

Our bathroom renovation contractors in Dublin will always meet or surpass your expectations. We’ve remodelled a wide range of bathrooms for your neighbours, and now it’s our turn to do the same for you.

What are your thoughts? Let’s get started! Contact us immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions

A builder, a tiler, an electrician, and a plumber are all engaged in bathroom installation. You may also require the services of a plasterer or decorator. Some builders can do all of the work necessary for a bathroom installation. If you employ a builder to oversee and project manage your bathroom renovation, they may also recruit and coordinate the craftsmen.

Your path should take into account a number of aspects, including your budget, your DIY abilities, the timeframe you’re working with, the amount of work likely to be required in your bathroom installation, and the style of bathroom fittings you’ve chosen.

There are several common scenarios where using a builder to manage your bathroom renovation is the right approach, including:

  • Installing a whole new bathroom from the ground up This is frequently the case with bigger remodelling projects, where new bathrooms are installed within an expansion or bathrooms are made from rooms that were previously used for anything else.
  • When party walls (walls shared by you and your neighbour) are in risk of being damaged,
  • When interior walls must be built or removed, this is especially true if the walls are structural in nature (load-bearing).
  • When new fixtures need the reinforcement of old floors—a typical problem when installing new, luxurious bathtubs.
  • for the construction of a wet room, which involves structural calculations, waterproofing, and drainage difficulties.
  • A builder can manage the job for you if you opt to acquire all fixtures and fittings from multiple vendors rather than using an in-house supply-and-fit service from a bathroom expert.
  • Approval or conformity with building rules (sometimes known as building regs) is necessary.
  • When choosing fixtures and fittings that require expert installation, such as heavy, large-format stone tile or wall-hung sanitaryware, consider the following factors.
  • Using a builder to oversee the entire job means you have an expert on hand who can utilise their own team of trusted craftsmen if you are unable to manage the bathroom fitting project yourself (maybe due to time restrictions). This choice allows you to delegate most of the organisational tasks to someone else, and many builders are proficient in all elements of bathroom construction, including tiling, plumbing, and electrical work, so you won’t have to hire different professions.

Spend some time organising your bathroom so that it meets your needs before you start selecting out sanitaryware and looking at the latest bathroom designs.

If you’re having a builder install the bathroom for you, talk to them right away about what you want out of it—an experienced builder may be essential when it comes to describing the practicalities of layouts, fittings, and the expected costs.

The brief you give to your bathroom supplier, installer, or builder will be based on a clear and succinct notion of what you want from the bathroom. Many master builders can also assist you in the design of your bathroom, so involve them early in the process.

When renovating a bathroom, start by considering bathroom plans that make the most of the available space.

  • Begin by determining the ideal site for the new toilet by examining the current dirt pipe and where it enters the room. This will reveal the optimum location for the new toilet, which you can then build around.
  • Mark out any existing characteristics that may affect the bathroom plan, such as bulkheads, dormer windows, alcoves, or sloping ceilings, on graph paper.
  • After that, you may experiment with where to put sanitaryware (basin, bath, shower enclosure), keeping in mind that everything must be drawn to the same scale.
  • If you hire a bathroom to manage the project, he or she may be able to collaborate with you on the bathroom plan or perhaps come up with various options for you.
  • It’s crucial to consider who will be using the bathroom. Anyone with little children, for instance, may wish to take a bath and should consider easy-to-clean and non-slip surfaces. A primary en suite bathroom, on the other hand, would be better suited to a walk-in shower and twin sinks.

There are a few options for getting a new bathroom:

For anyone renovating on a budget, a modest upgrade is the ideal option. To avoid altering the plumbing, keep the present layout, but add more contemporary sanitaryware, more storage, or a hot towel warmer.

Moving items around in a bathroom is common, as is enlarging the space by including a second WC or stealing space from an adjacent bedroom, both of which might necessitate new or updated plumbing systems.

You’ll need a builder or other specialist to ensure that your new plumbing and electrical fulfil building requirements if you’re building a new house or remodelling a substantial portion of your existing home.

At the design stage, you should always address the relocation of plumbing, waste, pipes, and electrics with your builder.

If you’re renovating a bathroom rather than installing one from scratch, utilities like electricity, plumbing, and garbage will almost certainly be linked. However, in certain cases, you may require more wiring or plumbing in your bathroom, or you may need to adjust the arrangement of your bathroom sanitaryware.

While changing worn-out sanitaryware and taps does not require building permit permission, moving or constructing a bathroom must.

Similarly, any electrical work in or around wet areas, such as bathtubs and showers, as well as any work that expands or changes existing drainage systems, must comply with building regulations.

This is another area where hiring a professional builder would be quite beneficial in guiding you through the process. Many builders will be able to find trustworthy tradesmen to complete electrical and plumbing work for you if you’re project managing.

When the task is finished, your employees should pass over the requisite certification, which verifies that the work conforms with building codes, if applicable. If you used qualified trades, this is a routine aspect of the operation. It’s important to remember that it’s your obligation to keep your certifications secure and present them when they’re needed—potential purchasers will want to see compliance papers if you’re selling your home.

The time it takes to do a full bathroom remodel might range from a few weeks for basic installations to several weeks for bigger and more complicated projects.

Your builder may offer you an estimate of timeframes so you know what to expect, but it’s also helpful to know what a typical bathroom installation timetable looks like.

The following is an example of a typical work schedule for installing a bathroom.

  1. Create a bathroom brief and a budget for it.
  2. Before choosing a builder, choose one, present them your brief, and obtain three quotations at the very least.
  3. Choose a builder, sign a signed contract, plan your work, and put the finishing touches on the timetable. (Plan ahead because the majority of skilled builders will not be ready to begin right immediately.)
  4. In partnership with your builder, confirm your final brief and pick your sanitaryware, materials, fittings, and fixtures.
  5. Remove the present bathroom and rip it out.
  6. First, fix the plumbing and electrical systems, including adding new services and installing any pipes or wires that are no longer functional.
  7. Plastering, levelling walls, and putting up plasterboard or tile backing board
  8. The ceiling is being repaired and plastered.
  9. The floor is levelled, reinforced (if necessary), screeded, and waterproofed.
  10. The toilet, heated towel rail, bath and taps, shower, shower enclosure, basin and taps, and shower enclosure are all included in the second fix plumbing.
  11. Installing an extractor fan, shaver points, electric underfloor heating, light switches, and spotlights is the second step.
  12. tiling on the walls and floors
  13. Decoration toward the end
  14. You will be provided the necessary credentials to keep secure.
  15. Take your first bath in the renovated bathroom and relax!

Every bathroom renovation is unique, and a lot depends on your preferences and the existing state of your bathroom. Whether you choose a low-cost, mid-range, or high-end bathroom makeover, make sure you do your homework and shop around. Set up a 15 percent contingency budget to ensure that any unexpected expenses are covered.

One of the most expensive aspects of a bathroom renovation is moving plumbing and electrical outlets, so if you can leave your bathroom’s layout approximately the same, you’ll save money. However, in order to obtain the desired style and feel, you may need to alter the floor layout. Additional structural or building work may be necessary, depending on your home and present bathroom. Building materials and bathroom fixtures are two more key cost-influencing considerations. Choose things that are basic yet high-quality and will last a long time. A decent extractor fan is essential, and a good heating system is also worthwhile.

Many bathrooms in Dublin houses are cramped, and they frequently lack natural light and ventilation. The use of huge mirrors and large panes of glass where they’re needed for showers, as well as keeping the wall and tile colours light, helps to lighten up the room. It’s also important to have bright task lighting that doesn’t cast shadows in critical locations to make the space feel as spacious and open as possible. Additionally, consider adding LED strip lights under the vanity to create a gentle, ambient lighting in your new bathroom.

Many older and bigger residences have been converted into flats, and because they were never designed to be self-contained apartments, bathrooms and kitchens were typically installed later. This might sometimes indicate that the space and arrangement are inconvenient and unsuited for a contemporary lifestyle. To obtain the desired style and feel, an alteration to the floor plan or even an expansion to the bathroom may be required. This is not always simple and takes meticulous planning, a sophisticated design that maximises space while adhering to all applicable construction codes, and a team of devoted and experienced renovation builders and artisans to assure a successful end result.

For many renovators in Dublin and the rest of Ireland, bathrooms are at the top of their priority list. In the bathroom, a double sink, as well as a his and hers set-up for towels and other items, is a must-have. If space is an issue, a single “statement” sink with unique surfaces and high-end fixtures is a terrific solution. Even if space is not an issue, a freestanding bath is a show-stopper. There are many various bath types to choose from, but bear in mind that stone baths are incredibly heavy and may require additional construction work to support the floor. Consider turning a small bathroom, particularly in a typical Dublin flat, into a wetroom, where the entire room is sealed and the shower does not need to be screened off, maximising the available space.

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